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VMASC Industry Association

VMASC Members

Industry members of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC)
have vast potential for developing mutually rewarding and collaborative relationships.



Teaming To Solve Problems ---------------------------------------
VMASC reaches out to conduct technology exchanges between its industry members, researchers and engineers and ODU/VMASC faculty and staff. Through these exchanges, we seek to find common threads in collaborative research and market opportunities. The Center teams with its industry members on competitive proposals, grants, congressional appropriations proposals and academic research projects netting industry over 10% of all VMASC annual research revenues.

Diverse Collaboration Opportunities ---------------------------------------
VMASC partnerships are as diverse as our research areas, composed of industry, academic, and government members.

An industry member is a private company who pays annual dues established by the Industry Association Board of Advisors either in cash or in material-in-kind or services (must support a current project).

Marketplace Recognition
VMASC seeks to build on three distinct deliverables that help to define and sustain its position in the M&S marketplace: scholarly research and education, technology transfer, and company spin-outs. Successfully delivering in a combination of all three of these important areas increases recognition and opportunities for VMASC and its members in the M&S community locally, nationally, and internationally.

In addition to expanding opportunities, VMASC and its members add long-term value to the state and the region’s economic base by providing employment opportunities, infrastructure investment, and economic diversification.