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VMASC Industry Association

VMASC Members

Membership Value Proposition
Be a part of the recognized focal point of modeling and simulation (M&S) innovation and collaboration in Virginia. And take advantage of several key benefits designed to foster increased collaboration and participation between industry, government and academia (IGA). VMASC’s provides its members with a way forward to greater cooperation and success through:

Association ---------------------------------------
Service as Industry Advisory Board members (elected positions)
Service on various VMASC Industry Advisory Board committees
Annual Membership Meeting - voting privileges
Invitation/attend selected VMASC-sponsored workshops & seminars
Awareness of the latest Industry Trends
Access to M&S intern and co-ops (funded and unfunded)
Share tradeshow booth space with VMASC (members under $10 million in annual revenue)

Opportunities ---------------------------------------
Teaming to include Grants, SBIRs, STIRs, local, state, and federal appropriations
Opportunities to receive direct funded internships
Partnering on business opportunities

Networking ---------------------------------------
Invitation to VIP events
Member kiosk showcased in VMASC’s Demo center
Inclusion in selected marketing videos & VMASC-sponsored advertising
Invitation to speak at VMASC M&S industry events
Guest speaker at VMASC/ODU student events

Branding ---------------------------------------
Company visibility in selected VMASC publications
Company members included on VMASC web site
Member logos displayed at VMASC-sponsored M&S events

Technology ---------------------------------------
Research collaboration
Technology exchanges

The VMASC Member Value Proposition (MVP) application process is the first step for enhanced collaboration with members focusing on VMASC strategic initiatives. This agreement details partnering activities with each member so specific benefits of partnership can be tracked each year for mutual value. The annual partnership fees range from $1K to $4K and are based on the company’s annual gross revenue.

VMASC is committed to supporting and participating in key events and collaborative efforts that help cultivate the M&S academic and business environment locally and nationally. The Center will continue in its role of being a leader in advancing the discipline and industry of M&S as well as be proactive in engaging prospective users of M&S technologies including those within DOD and non-DOD private/public organizations.